Our law firm offers three tiers of corporate maintenance services based on the client’s needs. We offer the following annual maintenance packages for our corporate clients:

Reminder letter to client regarding mandatory annual Shareholder and Director meetings as required by law. X X X
Annual in office or telephonic Attorney-Client meeting including legal review of your corporate operations (Your Annual “Legal Check-Up”). X X X
Guaranteed attorney availability for phone consultations at no additional charge. X X X
Calendaring, preparation and filing of the mandatory annual Statement of Information with the Secretary of State including any non-annual filings as legally required for any changes to the directors , officers or business address of the corporation. X X X
Preparation of minutes of mandatory annual shareholder and director meetings (Additional minutes required for special director and/or shareholder meeting prepared upon request). X X X
Preparation of Shareholder, Buy/Sell, Stock Purchase, Cross Purchase or Redemption Agreements on an as needed basis. X X X
Review of leases, insurance policies and other agreements entered into by your corporation. Referrals to accounting, insurance, financial planning and payroll service providers upon request. X X X
Coordination with your designated CPA, enrolled agent or tax preparer regarding tax filings and deadlines applicable to your corporation. X X X
Custody, maintenance and updating of your corporate minute book and records including updates on current changes in the law that affect your corporation. X X
Law Offices of David M. Zeligs will serve as the Agent for Service of Process for your corporation and promptly forward any documents received to you. X

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you and your corporation, and welcome any questions you may have regarding our Corporate Maintenance Services. Our law firm’s contact numbers are shown below.